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New Manager Programme - London

£995.00 £497.50 You save: £497.50 (50% discount)

This management course is for you if you are new to a management role and want to learn the tools and techniques that will give you a firm foundation upon... See course details...

Advanced Communication Skills - London

£900.00 £450.00 You save: £450.00 (50% discount)

Are a Middle or Senior Manager who already has good communication skills and wants to take them to a more advanced level. See course details...

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Workshop - Intermediate Level - Leeds

£776.40 £543.48 You save: £232.92 (30% late discount)

This Effective Presentation Skills training course is ideal if you already have experience of presenting or public speaking and now want to work on your... See course details...

SMSTS Site Manager Safety Training Scheme - Leeds

£600.00 £450.00 You save: £150.00 (25% discount)

The SMSTS Course This 5 day course is designed for site managers, agents and persons who are, or are about to be, responsible for planning, organising,... See course details...

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Workshop - Foundation Course - London

£392.40 £274.68 You save: £117.72 (30% late discount)

Our one-day public and in-house First Presentation Skills workshop is ideal for you if you currently have little or no experience of public speaking but expect... See course details...

Effective Delegation - London

£475.00 £237.50 You save: £237.50 (50% discount)

Delegation is a dynamic tool for motivating and training your team to realise their full potential. Without it, you lose their value. Our Effective Delegation... See course details...

LinkedIn for Success - Gateshead

£137.50 £110.00 You save: £27.50 (20% early booking discount)

The course will recap on the foundations of a LinkedIn profile that works properly, including: *Understanding what you can use LinkedIn for *Getting your... See course details...

Essential Employment Law - London

£450.00 £225.00 You save: £225.00 (50% discount)

You are involved in the employment and management of staff. It is particularly useful for new managers, those embarking on a career in human resources or... See course details...

NEBOSH Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety (IOG) eLearning - Anywhere

£595.00 £416.50 You save: £178.50 (30% discount)

Wise Global Training now offers the new NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety (IOG). This new qualification should be... See course details...

Report Writing - London

£420.00 £210.00 You save: £210.00 (50% discount)

You want to produce reports that propose an argument clearly and in the minimum number of words. You will learn how to write persuasive and coherent reports,... See course details...

Driving Change - London

£450.00 £225.00 You save: £225.00 (50% discount)

You want to be able to build a shared vision of the future that can come only through change. You will also learn how to gain true buy-in to change programmes... See course details...

Minute Taking - London

£445.00 £222.50 You save: £222.50 (50% discount)

You are, or plan to be, responsible for recording minutes of meetings and noting important action points as part of your role. You will be brought up to date... See course details...

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