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        The Eclipse Series represents a dramatic advance in pump technology. Combining proven design principles with state of the art engineered composites, the Eclipse Series is the most reliable, simple and intuitive pump on the market today. The Eclipse was designed with the customer in mind! Pulsafeeder polled its customers and developed the Eclipse to meet a NEED that has gone unfulfilled ... Until now!

      The Eclipse Series is a line of innovational non-metallic industrial gear pumps designed for optimal performance and simplicity in operation and maintenance.

      With absolutely no wetted metallic parts, the Eclipse is an ideal fit for many medium to highly corrosive clean liquids used in the chemical processing, chemical dosing, pulp and paper and water treatment industries.

      Until now, many of these tough applications have required customers to use any of the following pump types: centrifugal pumps, high alloy metallic gear pumps, peristaltic pumps, progressive cavity, air-operated double diaphragm or other positive displacement pump that, for one reason or another, continue to fall short of customer expectations.

      With four sizes available, the Eclipse Series is suitable for flows up to 20gpm (75Liter/min), 150 psi (10 Bar) maximum differential pressure, at a maximum fluid temperature of 150ºF (66ºC).


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